Turnkey NFT &

Web 3 Solutions

You’re just one idea away from the next great NFT project…

Turnkey NFT & Web 3 Solutions

You’re just one idea away from the next great NFT project…

Meet The OneOne Labs Founder


Sam is an avid, life-long gamer. From paying for college by playing Diablo III to $100m in ecommerce sales to launching his own on-chain, P2E NFT project, Sam knows what it takes to go from idea to exit.

Turnkey NFT and Web 3 Services

From idea through minting, we have ALL of the dedicated resources to build and launch your NFT project, big or small. But, we are FAR more than just a services solution. We own and build our own NFT projects and collaborate with dozens of other successful NFT projects. We are insiders with the resources and abilities to make your NFT project dream come true.


Each founder works directly with one of our US-based project managers who leads a dedicated team that typically includes a Solidity developer, JS/HTML front-end developer and UI/UX designer. This team stays with the project from the first project “needs analysis” meeting through minting and beyond, if necessary. Some of our services include:

  • RCustom Smart Contracts
  • RFull Stack Web Development
  • RCustom Dapps
  • RGame Development

Digital Art

Amazing digital art is the backbone of any successful NFT project. Our team takes your concept and systematically goes from sketching to core character design through individual trait creation to make every NFT a unique, 1-of-a-kind masterpiece. Our digital art services include:

  • R2D, 3D, Pixel, Animated Art
  • RConcept, Characters, Environments
  • RRendering & Post-Processing
  • RArt Generation

Additional Services

Many times our clients know they want to do a NFT project, but they don’t know exactly what they need or how to get started. That’s why most of our projects begin with a 2 or 4-hour consultation directly the founder, Sam JT. He’ll work with you to layout a detailed project roadmap that includes a timeline, deliverables and projected costs. Some of the items discussed and services provided include:

  • RConsultation
  • RProject Management
  • RWebsite Design
  • RTokenomics
  • RBranding
  • RCommunity Growth
  • RMarketing
  • RRoadmap
  • RWhitepaper
  • R…And Much More!


Do you have an ecommerce brand and you’re looking to add web3 components to it? Whether you want to increase your Enterprise Value for an exit, add profits through free NFTs, build a tighter community, add recurring revenue and so much more, we got you covered.

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